To Move use Arrows Keys or WASD

To Look around press and hold Right Click

Press Left Click to grab objects (drinks, etc), and to open books and PDFs

Change between different views by

Pressing 1, 2, 3 on your Keyboard

Press C to Zoom

Hold the Spacebar to Talk (can be switched in the settings)

You may also use the Analog Sticks on

a gamepad for movement and looking around

Help and Advice

If you have trouble connecting please try to join in a different web browser or device.

If you are using Google Chrome and experiencing choppiness please ensure that you have hardware acceleration enabled in the advanced settings.

If people are unable to hear you make sure that you have allowed microphone access. The gallery uses your default computer microphone.

If you are having issues, try to change microphones then reload the page.

If you can’t hear other players try changing your default output source in your computer settings.

The gallery has an open microphone and everybody will be able to hear you. The closer you are to another player, the louder your voice will be.

Text chat is local to your current room and messages will be seen by everybody in the room with you.

Please Report Issues or leave feedback here: